About our Sacred Art

In 2020, Lara began seeking an artist to paint her dreams and meditations. While she could sketch them, she was looking for an artist who could accurately bring what she was seeing and experiencing to life. It was her vision to use these pieces of art, each encoded with symbols and imagery, as supportive teaching tools to facilitate inner exploration and promulgate world blessings.

On Rakhi, a Hindu festival that celebrates love and duty between brother and sister, Lara stumbled upon a piece of Richard Laeton’s artwork in a closed Facebook group of their shared yogic lineage and immediately sought his help. They’ve been working together for the two years since and their collaborative effort can be seen in the images throughout this website.

Lara meditates, hand sketches, and writes about the images, mining the teachings within. Richard receives these and then meditates in turn, working with mantra, while the graphic art imagery is brought to form on the computer. Their process is continually unfolding and revealing more each time they subtly dance and merge with one another. They share a mission to bring healing and joy to the world and its inhabitants.

Richard Laeton received his artistic training at Parsons School of Design and Carnegie Mellon University. Over his lifetime, he’s created graphics and illustrations for spiritual seminars, events, books, and CD covers, as well as helped define the visual identities and design guidelines at an ashram, Real Music, and private projects. His artwork is intuitive and poetic, inspired by his long-time yoga practice, naturally occurring forms, colors, textures, and the metaphysical.