You Know

You know the truth,
it lives inside.

Its only directive:
you mustn’t hide.

Deep within you
lives a wishing-well

stocked full of blessings,
a guardian angel.

She illumines the heart,
the pathway of Grace.

Bestows keys to freedom
and all to be faced.

You know the truth.
It lives within.

Turn inward now—
dive deep, deeper, swim.

As your heart stills,
and fears fade away,

thoughts dance safely
as Consciousness’ play.

At the cellular level,
all wisdom resides.

Solutions percolate,
dissolving divides.

You know the truth.
It is who you are.

Open the treasure chest,
behold your North Star.

Be guided from here,
cease looking away.

Move only in favor,
unable to stray.

The truth is in you,
and all that you do.

Act thoughtfully, 
as actions tell truth.

Our world’s a quilt,
made from these blocks—

these trends we see.
These hastened clocks.

Make noble choices
of beautiful design.

Preserving riches
while there is time.

We hold the truth,
inside our hearts.

Stop seeking outside:
followers, shopping carts.

Familiarity can collapse.
New ways can reign!

Guided by truth,
we become the same.

Inside of us,
sits a compass of love.

Guided by this,
Below is above.

Cling close to your truth,
to your heart’s desire.

Be led from within,
the holy, sacred fire.

You know the truth,
It lives inside.

Its only directive—
You mustn’t hide.

Image credit: Jason D