Thanksgiving Prayer

Crown to sky   ~

                          open to fly

Flesh to earth   ~

                                    softening girth

Legs intertwined   ~

                                                                        widening mind


exhale   ~

                        ribs expand


exhale   ~

                        buttocks land

Trunk as tree   ~

blood as sap

Heart is golden   ~     

hands in lap

Sun emerges   ~         

thinking clears

Shoulders melt   ~      

head disappears

Inhale love   ~            

exhale peace

Inhale forgiveness   ~

deepening release

God loves you   ~

and dwells inside

Goddess’ caress   ~

heart opens wide

This secret cave   ~

entirely yours

Self dissolves  ~

spirit soars

You are love  ~

                        love is you

Be blessed my beloved, in everything you do

Inhale grace   ~

                                    exhale protection

Remember forever, you are perfection

Inhale grace   ~

                                                exhale bliss

The breath,

            this breath,

                        your breath,

                                    The kiss

Inhale grace   ~

                                                                        exhale the past

Freedom will find you, and it will last

Inhale grace   ~

                        exhale delight

You, sweet child, are born of light

Inhale grace   ~

                        exhale peace

This Sacred Love will never cease

Image credit | Michelle Smith-Lewis