Economics of the Divine Feminine

I experience the convergence of lineal, indigenous roots from all over this world. It’s as though there’s an uprising from the Mahādevī — the Great Mother Herself — from inside the planet summoning those of us who are here, now, literally standing on her, demanding us to connect to her current-cy through our energetic bodies so She can remind us how to live. How to heed her call.

When we physically soften, just enough, She begins to tap, stroke, and drum her Morse code messages along the river-wires of our nervous system. I do appreciate and marvel at how easy this makes the answers to big questions, the directions to take, my decisions to make. And, I admit to grappling with the revelations of lies we’ve been asked to to live with and under. She will not speak outcomes prior to efforts, spew data points as proof, it isn’t the language of her native tongue. But I have danced with her so many times — and She has never dropped me. 

I’ve been stable. I’ve been unsteady. I’ve been near dead. I’ve been unready. And through it ALL, She’s stood behind me as the unbreakable container of GRACE, with her protective gemstone railings of glimmering love and infinite STRENGTH. 

She contained that which I thought was uncontainable. She held everything that burned, hurt, and hit. She swooped in to operate this body-vehicle when it spun out of control, off-road, upended and abandoned in a darkened ditch.

Her MERCY is beyond compare. In contrast to the many spiritual nazis screaming meager rules and credentials at each other in a mere quark-sized vestibule of her body’s totality, She asks only one thing in return: your devotion. A PURE, unadulterated, open HEART to EXPERIENCE her ways.

I’m not so certain initiation happens through religion. If it did, more religions would be run by women instead of men working tirelessly to suppress them. 

Something to think about.

Perhaps a new currency can be our current-cy. The energy we physically carry, transmit, and exchange. This current-cy becomes the far more valued economic trade than how much stock a portfolio contains or cash a wallet carries or crypto coins are chased.

Where is your wealth? 

She wants our hearts so FULL that empty pockets will no longer signify a lack of success. 

She wants our ATTENTION  and our TIME, spent in pursuit of planetary PEACE. 

This economy makes trades with a current-cy of L O V E.

Image credit: Pixabay